Safaris to Rwanda. List of safaris that visit Rwanda.

Rwanda - this country has magical rainforests and a chance to trek gorillas. A country with an all year round moderate climate and a very diverse culture.


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9 Day Safari Gorilla Encounter US$ 3,210
Accommodated Rwanda


10 Day Safari Primate Safari £ 2,249
Accommodated Rwanda


15 Day Safari Chimps, Gorillas & Gameparks US$ 1,140 plus US$ 1,120 local payment
Camping Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nairobi


15 Day Safari Gorillas & Masai Mara £ 1,949
Camping Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda


28 Day Safari Nairobi to Zanzibar & Gorillas Safari US$ 2,180 plus US$ 1,920 local payment
Camping Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zanzibar


38 Day Safari Nairobi to Livingstone & Gorillas US$ 2,585 plus US$ 2,060 local payment
Camping Zambia, Malawi, Tanzani, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nairobi, Zanzibar