Dragoman - Dragoman has over 28 years experience in travel; running overland trips across Africa, Asia, and South America.



Dragoman has over 28 years experience in travel; running overland trips across Africa, Asia, and South America.

Dragoman was started in 1981 when two budding overlanders bought one old Bedford truck and headed off to Egypt, Sudan and Kenya with a group of adventurous passengers. The truck - and passengers - made it back to the UK in one piece and from there Dragoman started the process of expansion. Throughout the years there aren't too many places we haven't been. With shifting political situations there are countries we visit today that have in the past been off limits and countries that are now out of bounds that were once open to travellers. Over the year's we have pioneered more routes across the world than any other overland operator. Our heritage is part of the ethos of what makes us special, every new passenger joins the long line of past 'overlanders' who have been bitten by the travel bug.

Dragoman Vehicles

Our trucks are one of a kind. We use a fleet of Mercedes trucks, known for their durability. The roof seats, integrated cab and side-awning for use whilst camping are all features unique to Dragoman, which our customers regularly tell us make our trucks the best on the road.

Also, because our trucks are fully equipped we don't need to stick to tarmac or follow the crowd. We are completely self-sufficient - carrying all camping equipment, food, cooking equipment, water-tanks and luggage - allowing us to get onto the path less trodden.

Dragoman Overland Truck


Dragoman Guides

Our crew are passionate about travel and always up for adventure, it takes someone special to become a Dragoman leader. Our crew undergo the most intensive training program of all overland companies, spending two months learning the ropes at our base in Suffolk, UK, then up to six months on the road as a trainee or co-driver. Having completed that, we know they are ready for anything!

Each trip is run by a minimum of two Dragoman crew. Their role is multi faceted -they are responsible for the group's safety, well being and enjoyment. Plus they have the overland truck to drive and maintain. In addition to this we employ local guides on our trips. In east and southern Africa all trips have a local camp master who's role includes cooking the group's meals. And in Asia we have country specific local guides, helping us with language and providing insightful local information. Our leaders cover wide geographical areas as part of their job, a typical trip could take them from Istanbul to Cape Town covering 13 countries. To ensure our passengers get the best in local knowledge we also employ local guides at sights of interest.